Our Brands

A hand setting down a tub of Alluris topical cannabis cream
The Alluris Wellness Logo

Say goodbye to boring, traditional topicals and hello to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation. Alluris products are infused with premium ingredients and high-quality cannabis extracts, renowned for its ability to soothe and heal your body. It’s a higher form of wellness

Someone holding a Front Porch Grows pre-roll container, with a pre-rolled cannabis cone between their fingers.
The Front Porch Grows Cannabis Products Logo
At Front Porch, only our best proprietary genetics are grown in small batches to produce super premium pre-rolls that are infused with our proprietary extracts for a superior experience. We aspire to promote the normalization of cannabis use, believing that cannabis use should be as socially acceptable as having a cup of coffee on your front porch.
The Goody Bag logo in purple and white
Grab some good vibes with Goody Bag! Our products contain natural and organic ingredients, and come in a variety flavors and doses to suit different preferences and needs. Goody Bag aims to spread good vibes and positivity through our high-quality and uplifting cannabis products.
Two people handing a small container of Mozey Cannabis Extract between each other, while many other Mozey Extract products sit on the table below.
The Mozey Extracts logo in white

Here at Mozey Extracts, we use only the highest quality cannabis to create our cured and live concentrates, carefully extracting them to preserve their natural flavors and unique terpene profiles. Our small-batch, limited-release products are tailored for cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate the journey and seek a unique and meaningful cannabis experience.

A lighter and Paul Bunyan pre-roll container resting against a tree stump, with the cannabis pre-roll sticking out of the container.
The Paul Bunyan Grows - Fine Cannabis Products Logo
Paul Bunyan Cannabis is all about providing a quality product that provides a quality high. Taking cues from our company’s namesake, we work hard to stand heads above our competition to create our fine cannabis products. Paul Bunyan products pair perfectly with a hike through the woods, during a camping trip, or at home with your favorite nature documentary.
A cooler full of 12 ounce Tonic beverages of different flavors.
The Tonic Beverage Company logo
Tonic is the perfect choice for those who want to “drink happy” without worrying about a hangover. Our dedication to producing high-quality and delicious cannabis infused beverages ensures an enjoyable and relaxing experience for all. Tonic is the perfect choice for anyone looking to feel uplifted and get their spirits higher.