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Progressive Treatment Solutions

lab employees with hairnets and gloves on examining cannabis flower

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At PTS, we strive to create a community-oriented atmosphere that celebrates diversity and encourages collaboration. Our teams are composed of individuals from all walks of life united by the common goal of bringing quality cannabis products to our customers. We believe that a diverse environment produces a richer range of ideas and insights, which allows us to continually improve our services and meet the needs of our customers.

An Ever-Growing Industry

We are proud of the fact that PTS provides our employees with a wide array of career opportunities across multiple industries. Our cultivation, manufacturing, and retail operations offer jobs for people at all levels allowing them to explore different aspects of the cannabis industry based on their specific skill set or interests.

A cannabis flower bud under a magnifying glass being held by someone with black latex gloves on.
Someone with white latex gloves on mixing a cannabis infused badder
A smiling PTS employee in a black shirt wearing a tonic lanyard
A PTS employee in a black shirt wearing a lanyard with gloves on opening a bottle of Tonic, a cannabis-infused flavored water.